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All the Reasons to Advertise with Talk of the Town Savings


We Deliver the Absolute Most Bang for Your Buck

With Talk of The town Savings you are not hidden in yet another magazine that you hope people will flip through and get to your page. You are not stuffed inside an envelope that may or may not be opened. We make it easy for your potential customers to see your business and ensure that they do with fun games and giveaways.  The best part is we can do all this for less than a penny per household.

Consumers Use Talk of the Town Until the Next Issue Arrives

Because of all the value built into each and every Talk of the town Savings, Consumers return to it and read it repeatedly. That gives your message repeat exposure.  We continue to build that all important top of the mind awareness with our website and Mobile optimization. We put your business in front of your potential customer not just when they need your service but before as well.

Keeping up with the times

American consumers have less and less free time and are using coupons more and more. According to an AC Nielsen research study 95% of all shoppers today use coupons and 60% actively look for them. However, they have no time to wade through newspaper, magazines or envelopes looking for bargains. They want the information that they need fast! We give it to them faster than anyone. We do it quickly, efficiently, and at a glance.

Best Demographics Available

We deliver to the absolute best areas in each town. We do the research and target the people that are most likely to use your services. We match your preferred demographics, and get your message where you need it to go.

Presenting Your Business to the Community the Way You Want

Every Talk of the Town Savings features your business with a professionally designed ad. This will not only present you the way you want, but more importantly in a way that will bring people through your door!. Our ads give you unmatched exposure and draw the consumer in for you to make the sale. Also, your ad is made all the more effective by our unique, easy-to-use format.

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