Are You ready for some FOOTBALL? ~ How To Watch Your Games for LESS!

  1. The Savings Guru
  2. September 4, 2012 1:20 pm

Are You ready for some FOOTBALL? ~ How To Watch Your Games for LESS!

Alright football fans…’s shaping up to be an exciting NFL season with Peyton Manning in Denver, Tim Tebow in New York, and the Saints bounty scandal. How can you not want to watch? There’s more drama and action than a Telemundo soap opera. Today, the Savings Guru is going to give some tips to all you football fanatics out there that want to watch your team every Sunday (or Monday, or sometimes Thursday) without paying  an arm and a leg.

The best deal around if you support your local team is a new HDTV antenna called Mohu Leaf.

This antenna allows you to receive all your major networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and PBS for FREE! There is a one time purchase price ranging between $38-$75 and you need to live no more that 40 miles away from a broadcasting station. ( Any of us who live near a city). If you paired this up with Netflix, Hulu or one of the other movie streaming companies you could cut out your cable bill completely! Thank you, thank you, please hold your applause until the end of this blog. :)


Now ~ the Mohu Leaf antenna is a great idea for those of you who live in or near the city that your team plays in but what if you have moved away from home? We live in California, but we are die hard New York Jets fans. Right now the only options for us to watch Mark Sanchez choke every week are to either go out to our local sports bar, or pay our children’s college fund to Direct TV for the NFL Sunday ticket package. The price for this varies from year to year. This year they have reduced it to $199 for it’s current customers, but it is offered for free to new customers ( for this year only). In years past we have been charged upwards of $300 for the Sunday ticket in addition to our regular cable bill through Direct TV. Unfortunately Direct TV is the only company that offers anything like the Sunday Ticket. They have an exclusive contract with the NFL. Some other companies offer things like “The Red Zone” channel, but don’t be fooled. This is usually end zone highlights only. They do not show the full game. So; other than illegally streaming games through your computer…which only works half the time, Direct TV has a monopoly on football games.

But never fear….the Savings Guru is coming to the rescue! So yes, if you live out of state from the NFL team you follow you are stuck with Direct TV.  However, there are some tricks you can pull to negotiate the price that you pay for their “Sunday Ticket”.

1. If you currently have the Sunday Ticket; call customer service with Direct TV and tell them you want to cancel it because it is too expensive. Now I know you don’t really want to cancel it…but if they think you are going to cancel it they will usually offer a discount.  All of the phone reps are authorized to give you a discount. This is usually around $120 off in the form of a $10 discount of your cable bill for the next 12 months. ( It may be a little less this year b/c they have already lowered the price.)  Most times they will throw in some free movie channels too! Every time we have done this we end up with HBO or STARZ for free for at least 6 months…sometimes a year. My husband and I even have a script that we use to call and pretend to cancel the Sunday Ticket every year. It is something along the lines of my husband calls up and tells the rep he wants to cancel. I make sure to sound very obnoxious and annoying in the background yelling things like ” I told you that stupid football package was too expensive….just turn it off!” and ” we are not paying that much for football…that is ridiculous!” Now I don’t actually mean any of those things. I love football. However the sales rep usually feels sorry for my husband for having to put up with such an obnoxious wife and will go out of his way to give him some extra stuff! Hang up the phone, high five, game on!

2. Now if for some crazy reason they do not offer a discount when you call to cancel….just ask for it. We have never been told no. This is our 8th year in a row with Sunday ticket.

3. If you do not have Direct TV yet ~ as I mentioned before they are offering free Sunday ticket this season if you switch to Direct TV. You can use my tip above next year when they try and make you pay full price!

4. If you have direct TV but don’t have the Sunday ticket yet here is what I recommend. If you wait to order it until the season has already started you will get a larger discount.  Even if you watch the first game at the sports bar and then call before week 2. If you already have Direct TV it only takes a minute for them to turn on the Sunday ticket package. Check with your local channels to see which games they will be showing on FOX and CBS each week. One year the first 3 games of our Jets were nationally televised. We waited until just before the start of week 4 to call and have it turned on. I think we were able to get it for 1/2 price that year!


I hope these tips are able to save you a few bucks! You can use the money you save to buy more beer to drink while you watch your game!

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