Don’t you deserve to relax and take a vacation?

  1. The Savings Guru
  2. December 9, 2012 1:25 am

Don’t you deserve to relax and take a vacation?

With the invention of all of the super discount travel booking websites such as Travelocity, Orbitz and who can forget the Priceline negotiator, It seems that the Human Travel agents should have already gone out of business or should be soon. However there are some big reasons why they are not. There are huge benefits and big money savings to be had by sticking with your friendly neighborhood travel agent. You should plan to book your next trip with a travel agent and not only will you save money but you will literally be able to relax and then take a vacation.

Outside of the obvious financial benefit to doing business locally with a neighbor and local business owner, you will save money in many other ways with your local travel agent.  Your local agent has access to not only deals you can’t get but upgrades so you can travel in style for less. They can also get discounts and buy full packages that the average person just won’t be able to find or purchase. Travel agents also have strong working relationships with travel suppliers plus the latest technology in reservation software to access the most up to date information

Let’s also remember that time is money. Instead of spending hours going through website after website trying to find a deal, just give your travel agent your desired itinerary and your budget and let them do all of the tedious searching. They will take care of all of your arrangements, including not only flights, hotels and cars but even tickets to a show when you get to town or reservations you might want. This gives you less to have to stress about, saves you hours of time and allows you to relax

In the event that something does go wrong on your vacation your travel agent will save you more money and stress since they will take care of any issues that arise. For example of your flight is delayed and you will miss a connection all you have to do is call your travel agent and sit and enjoy a meal. If it is canceled they will have a ride and hotel arranged while you relax, saving you more money the whole way through.

Most importantly you travel agent will often create freebies on a trip that you would have to buy if you wanted. Since your continued business is so very important to your travel agent, they will often provide perks along the way to make your trip better. For example there may be a bottle of Champagne waiting in your hotel room for an anniversary and other little treats along the way to ensure you a vacation you will never forget. Happy trails!

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