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Clever Couponing

In the day of modern technology there is no need to go digging in the trash for last week's Sunday paper coupons. The Savings Guru can teach you how to save smart with coupons that you can find on-line, and in your mailbox. Saving your money and your dignity!

Dining on a Dime

Whether you're feeding a family of five or a table for one, let the Savings Guru help keep your belly and wallet full when you're dining out.

Frugal Family Fun & Economic Entertainment

You don't have to spend a fortune to have a good time! Here the Savings Guru will share the secrets of finding the best deals to Entertain you!

Saving on services

Let the Savings Guru provide you a service by sharing tips on how to find the best deals in your area on services such as dry-cleaning, nail salon, auto repair and more!

The Guru Gourmet

For those of you who are not afraid of the kitchen. If you enjoy gourmet food, but not gourmet prices, the guru will share step by step recipes that will put any restaurant to shame. No need to tip the waiter!

Travel Tips

Saving for a big vacation? Or, just visiting grandma? The Savings Guru's travel tips can get you there without breaking the bank!